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New Norfolk History

New Norfolk Buildings

A work in progress - documenting the history of the buildings in the shopping precinct.

Many thanks to Ruth Binnie and the volunteers at the Derwent Valley Historical Information Centre as well Damian Bester from the New Norfolk and Derwent Valley News for sharing their extensive local knowledge and photos.

If you have information or photos to share please send me a message.

New Norfolk People

A who's who of the people who ran the businesses in New Norfolk. In order to protect the privacy of the living, we only feature the people who have passed (unless given permission).

New Norfolk Business Directory

This page lists as many businesses I can find, the approximate address and the years in operation. This will be a work in progress for many years!

New Norfolk Street Names

This list was originally published by the Derwent Valley Historical Information Centre in their book "The Derwent Valley From Federation to Millenium Volume II" ISBN 978-1-876391-03-4 available to purchase at the New Norfolk Newsagency, 50 High Street, New Norfolk and is reproduced here with thanks.

High Street - Odd numbers - what's there today
Trying to make sense of the street numbers as at May 2024
1 (Real Estate) 19 (Subway) 45 (Forestry) 67 (Martin Cash)
3 (Nail Shop) 23 (Hairdresser) 47a (Arthouse) - DRIVEWAY -
5 (Ding Ding's) 25-27 (Reject Shop) 51 (Bentley's Accounting) 73 (Derwent Real Estate)
7 (Cake Shop) 29 (Reject Shop) 51a (Commonwealth Bank) 75 (vacant lot)
9 (Bakery) 31 (Evolve) - CHARLES STREET - 77 (Vacant Lot)
9a (Laundry) 33 (Cake Lady) 53 (Amcal Pharmacy) 79 (New Norfolk Hotel)
11 (Apollo Pizza) 35 (Clarke's) 55 (Gym) 81 (petrol station)
15 (Chicken Shop) 37 (Ten Lives) 55 (Nails) 83 High Street
15 (Guy Barnett) 39 (Makers on High) 61-63 (Wigstons) 85 High Street
17 (Supermarket) 41 (William's Outdoors) 65 (Book Magick) 87 (Star & Garter Hotel)
- BURNETT STREET - 43 (Popcorn Shop) 65a (Dog Groomer) 93 (Saints & Sinners)

New Norfolk Photos

A list of photos that I am looking for copies in better resolution than I have already.

Is this New Norfolk?

This section is for shops and buildings published as being located in New Norfolk, that I need more information to confirm.